Maths week

We have had two fantastic themed weeks this half term. First we had maths week. We were set the challenge to try and make a profit with £10 that Mr Payne gave us. The children decided to design some games that children and parents could play.

Treasure Island


Treasure Map

The children designed their treasure map themselves and coloured it all in. They set prices for each go and decided how to win prizes.


Parents having a go


Filling in the squares

They decided they wanted to run a ‘splat the teacher’ stall which was very successful. The children designed the posters to advertise it and chose the cost to throw sponges and managed the stall well.

The last stall was a bit like a coconut shy. A group of children used P.E equipment to design a game where players had to score above a certain number of points to win a prize by knocking balls of cones. They set up their stall and chose their own costs.



We made some money!

At the end we found that we raised over £50! We will need to decide what to do with our £40 profit. Thanks to all of the parents and adults that joined us for our maths fair.

Election Day

Excitement has been in the air for many reasons today. Having nominated a new class teacher for Friday, seeing multiple election posters around the school, voting for new head and deputy head teachers and finding out the results are just some of the reasons why.

Eagles class enjoyed having their own chances to vote for who they wanted to be head teacher for the day on Friday. They learnt about ballot papers and how to vote, visited our own polling station and placed their votes into ballot boxes.

This afternoon we had a discussion about voting and why people vote. We discussed how voting affects us and talked about some of the decisions and choices that the Government makes. Then we started thinking about how we choose who to vote for.


I gave the children a’child-friendly’ manifesto for each political party standing for election today. Each sheet of paper was colour-coded to the political party and had up to 10 things that that party want to do, if they are elected.


The children were extremely excited to read them and were discussing the different opinions with myself and each other. They understood the different opinions and were able to say what they agreed with and what they disagreed with. At the end we used coloured cubes to vote for the party that they agreed most with.


The winning party won by quite some distance, this is partly thanks to some of the children knowing a lot about this party and managing to persuade others to join them and vote for them too!!

I have been so impressed today with the children’s enthusiasm and passion when talking about what can be a really complicated subject. Everybody was respectful of each other’s opinions and beliefs and it was clear that the children were thinking of others when discussing the different points in the manifestos. I look forward to conversations with them tomorrow when we know the results of our election.


This photo shows some of the excitement and enthusiasm I saw this afternoon! 😀


Plant homework

The children were so proud to share their homework with each other this afternoon. They had created some fantastic pieces of work at home for our topic of ‘allotments’. This afternoon I really enjoyed being able to talk to the children individually about their work and they were able to share their successes with each other.

Lots of dojo points have been awarded for excellent effort. Consequently lots of children have reached 100 dojo points! Well done to: Amara, Amber, Frankie, Leo, Maddie, Miskha, Owen and Tyler!!!


Here are some photos of some of our amazing homework projects:


Trinity Park Visit – Farm and County Fair

We had a fantastic time! Click here to see a picture of us and a video showing what the fair was about. 

This is what the children had to say about it the next day:


Here are some of our photos from the day:


Spring Term Scrapbook


Human sentences – learning about conjunctions

Exploring and sorting different rocks

Creating rules about how to stay safe on the internet – safer internet day


Student teachers – Children teaching their peers how to calculate and answer maths questions


Creative lesson – researching our topic using laptops



Learning about big numbers – Stone Age dates


Making replica fossils using clay and natural tools


Here are our finished results

Stone Age cave painting

Here are our pictures

World Book Day


Cave drawings under the table as if we were drawing on the ceiling of caves

West End Choreographer – Teaching us a scene from the BFG musical

Lowestoft Rising and the Woolsey Theatre present ‘Alfie Strange’

Using our new resources to help us learn about fractions in maths

The Body Coach Workout for Children – This was extremely hard work!

Mass, Milk and Movement

We have had a very busy week in Eagles class!

We began the week by learning about mass in Maths. We practised reading scales and measuring classroom objects. We were set a challenge to find out if we could find classroom items which were the same as 1kg and 500g. We used balance scales to help us.

One group showed great problem solving skills as they decided to use their water bottles. They were determined to make exactly 1000g. They decided that they had to drink or fill up their water bottles accurately until they made their target. After lots of determination and teamwork they managed it. Well done girls!


In science we have been learning how to write up and carry out scientific experiments. This week our experiment was about the effects that could happen when adding food colouring to milk and mixing slowly with a cotton bud. We used different milks such as buttermilk, goats milk, soya and almond milk. The children made some fantastic predictions and carried out their experiments carefully.

In creative we have kicked off our new topic which is Canada. The children were excellent at using atlas’ to find Canada and locate different cities and provinces. One group did some extra research about Canada using the internet and then presented their findings to the rest of the class.


In P.E we carried on creating symmetrical shapes. This time we created sequences using symmetrical balances, movements, jumps and spins.


Finally we had a visitor, Laura, come to see us to talk about our thought filters. We sorted different sentences into whether they are things that we might think or whether they are things that we should say aloud. It made us think about what we say before we say it to make sure that we do not hurt another person’s feelings. Also we will remind people, who may say unkind things to us, to use their thought filter.


This week our maths homework has been set online. This is the first time we have tried this so if there are any problems please ask your child to speak to an adult and we can try to solve the problem.

Next week is Maths week – we have a focus on maths throughout different subject all next week. Thursday is whole school maths day, where we will be mixing with other children from different year groups to do different problem solving activities. Tuesday morning parents and families are invited to join us at 8:45 for an hour of maths problem solving.


Amazing start to 2017

After 2 well earned weeks of hoildays, the Eagles are back and have made an impressive start to 2017.


Yesterday Eagles began their new Gymnastics unit by making symmetrical shapes with their bodies. They used the skills they learnt in maths last term to ensure that the shapes they made were symmetrical. This was harder than they thought to begin with but they did not give up. I also challenged the Eagles to try to move in symmetrical ways and they were very creative with thinking about how to attempt this challenge. After that they also created a range of symmetrical shapes, movements and balances using the apparatus and then decided to work collaboratively in groups and pairs to create bigger symmetrical shapes.

Here are some photos of some great examples.


In computing the children started to explore a new program that we will be using called Kodu. We discussed internet safety and what to do before downloading apps and games onto our electronic devices to ensure that we stay safe. We also discussed virus’ and how they can cause problems to our devices by pretending to be an advert or program that we like to trick us into downloading it. Once they are on the device they are difficult to get rid of and can be very harmful. We then looked at to find out how we know that this is a website we can trust and that it is safe to download the program.

This is a free program and can be downloaded onto laptops, pcs and some games consoles if you would like to have a go at home. This is a program which is being used widely across Key Stage 2 in our school and we will be using this in our computing lessons for the next half term.

Overall a fantastic day with excellent behaviour!


Today was another fantastic day. Highlights include: enjoying our P.E lesson learning about ball control skills, continuing reading Fantastic Mr Fox, writing our first discussion text about whether or not our school should have to wear uniform and beating our class score in Maths!

Today we collectively scored an enormous 260 marks on our CLIC test! Wow!

Well done Eagles. I look forward to another excellent week next week.